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Daphne Macy



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Daphne Macy is a New York based actress and writer.


Born in Israel and raised in both Israel and CT, Daphne has been drawn to storytelling from an early age and has always been writing in both English and Hebrew.

Daphne's work has included in festivals and programs such as The Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival, Primary Stages ESPA's Detention series, CineWomen Magazine, Chicago Blow Up Art House Festival, NewFilmmakers NYC, The 72 Hour Shootout, NYCLife (channel 25), the Strasberg Alumni Film Festival, the Playwriting Collective, Rhapsody Collective, and CrossingsTV. She was also a finalist for Playwrights Realm's Scratchpad Series, a semifinalist for Playwrights Realm's Writing Fellowship, and a semifinalist for the Premiere Play Festival.

Daphne has studied acting, playwriting, and TV writing at the Lee Strasberg Institute, Primary Stages ESPA, and Sundance Co//ab. She also has B.A. in Communications and Film from Tel Aviv University Magna Cum Laude.

In addition to starring in various plays and films, Daphne has been writing and producing her own work, and has collaborated with various acting and writing collectives. She's also served on the reviewing committee for the Portland Film Festival (2021) and DC Short Film Festival (2017-2020), and was a guest curator for NewFilmmakers NYC.

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